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We had a wonderful event yesterday morning in Arlington headlined by our very own Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, alongside Governor Tim Kaine, State Senator Janet Howell, Planned Parenthood Patient—Natasha Hennessey, Charniele Herring—the first Democratic Woman to ever to hold the position of Whip in the nearly 400-year history of the Virginia House of Delegates, and Atima Omara-Alwala—a Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington Board Member.

Nearly 200 supporters came out to support women’s health, chanting, “Your vote is your voice, vote pro-choice.” 

It’s no surprise so many supporters turned out in Virginia, after all women’s health has been under attack ever since Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cucinnelli took office—these opponents of women’s health in Virginia didn’t waste any time politicians mimicking the anti-women’s health agenda of their pals in the U.S. House across the Potomac. 

In an act of complete government overreach, lawmakers in Virginia inserted themselves in the middle of the doctor-patient relationship. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell recently signed a law that creates several new, onerous obstacles for women seeking a safe and legal abortion that have no basis in medicine. It mandates doctors perform procedures that may not be medically needed and forces women to make two trips to access a safe and legal abortion.

A woman needs the best care she can get from health care providers in her community. She does not need politically motivated judgment from Governor Bob McDonnell and opponents of women’s health in the legislature.

So when later in the afternoon the bus pulled up to the 17th Street Farmers Market in Richmond, it was no surprise to find another two hundred supporters eagerly awaiting our arrival.  State Senator Donald McEachin and Delegate Jennifer McClellan (the only delegate in the history of Virginia to give birth while in office) fired up the crowd!   Delegate McClellan knows how important access to health is, and she knows that family planning isn’t simply a “lifestyle convenience.” 

Vanessa Vega-Colon a former Planned Parenthood patient said it best, “The stakes couldn’t be any hire. We must raise our voices to be heard. Listen up Mr. Romney and Ryan the women of this nation are watching and  we will see you at the polls in November.”

The pundits may call Virginia a “purple” state, Sunday proved it is definitively pink!

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Look what Pillamina found in Ohio!

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Pillamina drives the bus to the Rochester.

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Pillamina jumps for no co-pays!

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Pillimina kicks off the Women are Watching Bus tour today in Concord New Hampshire!

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